Lisa & Jamie Duthie

Lisa is a Graphic Designer with a background in education & Jamie is an Illustrator with an engineering background, together they host the Real Deal Media Exclusive show “Find Your Own Truth” a fortnightly series exploring Mysteries from this world and beyond.

Having both been medically retired, Lisa in 2012 & Jamie in 2013 they re-focused their time into their collective passion – exploring and investigating the unexplained, a subject they have both studied for many years and have gathered a wealth of knowledge across many subjects from the supernatural, to the esoteric to the just plain bizarre.

Together, this husband and wife duo bring that knowledge to the Real Deal Media table in a series of relaxed discussions about a plethora of topics as they invite you all to Find Your Own Truth.

The couples other interest is True Crime and we will be adding a True Crime show to Real Deal Media in 2021 where they will investigate True Crime cases and give their unique perspective on them, often daring to go where no other shows have dared to venture before by combining the knowledge they have gained from other areas in trying to piece together the puzzle of True Crime cases both well known and ones that are relatively unheard of.