Welcome to our exclusive entertainment section where we will showcase a variety of memorable media highlights and souvenirs that we have captured through the Internet. A unique collection of fascinating finds gathered by members of the Real Deal Media Team and organized into our own customized media museum! There are four sections available: 1. Thumbnail Art Exhibit. 2. Memorable Memes & Groovy Graphics. 3. Eclectic & Eccentric Music Mix. 4. Our Favorite Highlights. Enjoy!

Thumbnail Art Exhibit:

What sets the ‘Real Deal Media’ brand apart from the rest of the networks out there?

It’s easy to create the best new show on the Internet when you have the most talented news team in the Independent Media. The hard part is getting the word out and building an audience. Catchy video titles can be helpful, but it’s usually the optics that have the most impact affecting choice. Thus the importance of inviting and distinctive ‘Thumbnail’ graphics designed to captivate curiosity and generate clicks. That was the thinking that drove Real Deal’s Dean Ryan’s decision to create daily art projects to help promote the new program.

It’s those extra layers of creativity and attention to detail that truly sets ‘Real Deal Media’ apart, and it’s also the inspiration that activated this entire ‘Artography’ display in our own special showroom…

The first?

Memorable Memes, Images & Graphics:

Eclectic & Eccentric Music Collection:

Everyone here at ‘Real Deal Media’ are big music fans, and we have assembled an interesting collection of different types of artists, bands, and sounds from all over the spectrum. We also like to discover new music thanks to amazing apps like Pandora and Spotify that have opened up a whole new world that was hard to find. No overplayed terrestrial radio hits will be found here. Only hidden gems and fun oddities to share.