Update: Boris Johnson Falls On His Deep State Sword

by Dean Ryan 2/8/21
As foretold by our UK Whistleblower in October 2020, Boris Johnson would begin to fall on his Deep State sword set before him if Biden were to obtain the US Presidency. Had Trump retained the corporate offices of the Presidency on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
UK citizens would have seen a lockdown that would have been a year long according to our Real Deal Insider entrenched in British politics. Establishment power structures around the world seem prepared to throw their dominance into the political arena to not only stop a Trump resurgence but to permanently stop a true Brexit from coming to its natural conclusion.
Only time will tell how this Greek Tragedy and Wild Roller Coaster of Biblical proportions will end.

About the Author: 
Dean Ryan is the Founder of Real Deal Media and Exec. Producer/ Host of the Real Deal ReportAmerica at WarLate Nite UpdateSuspicious Sightings 

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