Game Stop Stock Update & Possible Outcomes by Forseti

Current Global Situation on Western Capitalism & Democracy Series 2.5
Game Stop Stock & Possible outcomes ...Continued

by Forseti 2/7/21
Continuing my series of articles lets continue the discussion of “Game Stop” stock market situation, it’s possible outcomes and a few other interesting things that come with it.

Some of you who read my last article wanted me to tell you how the stock can be shorted twice. So, going back to the beloved Dean’s underwear analogy.

To short the same pair of Deans underwear twice you simple add an additional step to my original 5 steps.

Step 6 – The Person I sold the pair of Deans underwear to then sells the pair of underwear back to Dean, who then sells it back to me who I then borrow off him to sell on again. So Dean is now owed two pairs of underwear plus his cut from me when only 1 Pair of underwear was actually traded. This is how more Stocks are shorted than actually exist.

Yes this is totally legal and doing this sort of thing helped cause the financial crisis of 2008. Your tax money bailed them out and they are just doing the exact same thing they used to.

However on the plus side. This now means twice the amount of stocks are being held at ransom from these wall street crooks.

Full disclosure I now officially own 1 Game Stop stock. Just to be part of this historical situation when the real people decided on mass fighting Wall Street. I DO NOT recommend you do it. I know I’m going to make a loss and I cannot stress that enough I do not intend to ever sell this stock. I will let it rot and go dormant before I let Wall Street have it back. Or China for that matter.

A few side notes on the stock market recently that have entertained me this week.

People are buying AMC because they like going to the cinema and don’t want the stock market crashing it.

People are buying Stock in Amerioca Great Health just because it spells “AAGH” (like yelling) in the stock market.

People have taken out really expensive billboards in key American cities to advocate the end of Wall Street and to prevent other people from advertising on them. These normally bright colourful billboards are dull and as boomer as you can get intentionally. Some have used old sprite style images that you would have once seen on old Nintendo home entertainment consoles.

This is the most punk thing I have seen in a long time and I am loving it.

Also, I am not giving Financial advice and obviously realdealmedia disavow’s any actions taken so from my articles that are just here to explain the situation.

We will hold the line!

About the author:
Forseti is a UK Whistleblower deep in the confines of the British Govt. Providing great insight to the Real Deal Media Community and the entire Global Network of free humanity.

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