Western Capitalism & Democracy II: Game Stop ‘The Stoppening’

by Forseti 2/1/2021

Continuing my series of articles lets discuss the current “Game Stop” stock market situation.

Firstly let me try to make this simple.

Shorting Stocks and Possible outcomes:

To short a stock you simply follow these easy steps. For this example we’ll call the Game Stop Stock “Underwear” and for the sake of explaining, the price of “Underwear” is probably going down in value shortly.

Step 1 -Your lovely host Dean has a very nice pair underwear. It is worth $1 and I ask to borrow it with interest and Dean kindly agrees.

Step 2- I then sell the Underwear I borrowed from Dean to you for $1.

Step 3- I do my absolute best to make the value of Deans underwear go down, so for the sake of argument I put up billboards all around the city saying “Deans Underwear gives you VD” and spam the same thing over social media.

Step 4 – You then panic about the underwear and I offer to buy it back for $0.40. And You accept my offer.

Step 5 – I then return the Underwear to Dean with $0.10 interest. I have “earned” $0.50 for my
“hard” work.

This is pretty much how shorting a stock works. Now, the Borrowing of stock is legally binding and has a fixed date of return.

Now for the fun part!

Lets say during step 5 you told me “No I like this Underwear, I don’t care if it gives people VD it is very comfortable and stylish”.

I then panic as I am legally bound to return them to Dean. So I offer more money.

Realising this. You demand $500 for the underwear.

I have to either pay you $500 or possibly face going to Jail.

Now finally, imagine I Borrowed underwear form 250 people with interest and sold them on for $1. Then all those people who bought underwear from me banded together demanding $500 each for me to buy it back.

This is how we are in the current situation. And I love it!

The App’s and services that promised ordinary people that they could play the stock market through them like those on Wall Street. However, I and others suspected that It was a way to make the people using them lose more than they win and use them to raise and lower stock prices to benefit the big Brokers.
This is now looking to be true as they have been selling peoples stocks without their consent and/or refusing them access to their accounts.

Now, I love the real people turning the tables on Wall Street. But, this could have negative effects as well as expose for the trick it is.

If Wall Street goes under because of this. We will go into an economic depression and the dollar will be in free fall. This is a very real possibility.

This could be a problem if a group or a nation with communistic ideals wants to crash the Western economy.

However, for now. Grab the beverage of your choice. Put your feet up and laugh as the fat cats on Wall Street lose their minds over people on the internet getting in on their scheme.

I’ll likely write a follow up on this later in the week.

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About the author:
Forseti is a UK Whistleblower deep in the confines of the British Govt. Providing great insight to the Real Deal Media Community and the entire Global Network of free humanity. 

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