Current Global Situation on Western Capitalism & Democracy

‘Current Global Situation and Possible Ramifications on Western Capitalism and Democracy’

by Forsetti (UK Whistleblower) 

The purpose of this series of articles is to bring you bite sized chunks of information to give you a wider scope of what is going on. Hopefully this will allow you to connect some dots or build a larger more detailed picture in your head on your own independent research.

Lets take a look at what could become an Arab spring second edition.

People in the West can be forgiven for letting their attentions drift away from this part of the world with Elections, The China Plague and the European union shitting in itís bed like Joe Biden.
So lets take a brief overview.
With America retaking control over itís oil supply quite a few of the Middle Eastern Royal families have felt their walletís getting slightly lighter which means paying the insurgents not to do so much damage and to hold back protests isnít going exactly to plan. This was then made worse with the China Plague. We saw for the first time the price of oil costing more to store it then it could be sold for. This has caused a crisis to happen. Oil barons have been destroying their own supply because they cannot sell it. This also means that the black gold of the region which once blessed them with prosperity and moderate stabilisation has become a curse like the region has not seem in written memory.

In short.
-Their economy is in rapid decline.
-Rebel uprisings are on the rise as well as ìpeaceful protestsî.
-The northern part of Africa and the Entry way to the middle east is becoming a deadly no manís land.
-Rapid onset poverty, worse than they had previously is causing more Islamic extremism in the region.

No path to calming it is in sight.

Now: How can the west make this worse.
The Joe Biden Administration:
The Democrats are in the pocket of the military industrial complex, we all know this. It is more or less an open secret like Epstiens island was.
One of the most efficient and fastest ways to cure an economic depression is to go to war. Win. Occupy. Bet against and de-value the occupied nations currency whilst selling off itís natural resources.
Causing the rapid onset low price of the regions oil not only destabilise the region for the reasons I mentioned above. But also means hoarding your own supply having taken theirs when the demand returns as we will require fossil fuels again after the China Plague is over will cause rapid inflation.

This is the plan.
-Financially choke it
-Let it become an unstable hell hole
-Arm the rebels
-Instil CIA Islamic preachers to increase the Islamic Extremism.
-America goes in and cleans house.
-Profit and a military strategical position in that region is gained.

Welcome to the next 4 years my friends.

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