“Real Deal Media is Under Attack”

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In the wake of the Facade of an Inauguration, RealDealMedia.com was suspiciously taken offline
in a suspected’ DDOS Attack on the site. Considered to be the home of some of the most effective
news shows out there who shined a lot light on the infiltration of the  Chinese Govt. early on
it only makes sense in this supposed new era of the fake “President Biden” that we would be the target
of a further censorship and Cyber Attacks.

Joined by our ‘War-Gaming Analysis’ Matthew Short and ‘Conspiracy 1′ We take a look at
what the next move of Trump will be and Americans as a whole. Why he still has the Nuclear Codes.
Geo-Political look into the strategy of the CCP come this March’s Land Invasion
Esoteric look into Kamala Harris’ Purple attire and why the Deep State will continue an ‘Operation Martyr’
on their CCP puppet ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.
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