Facebook vs Dean Ryan “Tech Giant Pulls Livestream While On Air”

During last night’s broadcast of America at War LIVE! with Dean Ryan ‘Military at US Airports as Pelosi Promotes Civil War
Facebook pulled one of the two Livestreams carrying the show.
In the wake of a duel YouTube Channel suspensions against our very own Kristen Meghan and Dean Ryan,
the Mark Zuckerberg fronted and once great platform, Facebook, yet again lived up to their bad reputation.

With Less than 30 mins left in the show, the Censorship Giant pulled the plug on Dean Ryan’s personal page,
citing a violation of Community Guidelines without expressing what content was a violation.
Having used Facebook Live to stream the special series America at War, Dean Ryan was using his personal
page in addition to his public page TheRealDeanRyan with upwards of 100,000 + people reached per episode
was now on the Facebook map of targeted censorship.

Proving that YouTube had been falsifying view counts all along on DeanRyanTV  
we can say that Real Deal Media and the people who support this network, have been the most effective group
of truth seekers that still remain in the public arena today.

  • (Full Video) Click Here

    Show Topics:
    Chinese Troops amass in numbers at both ends of the US Border
    Cargo Ship pile up in Long Beach gets more press
    Democrats shape the narrative ahead of Inauguration to play
    the role of Victim
    US Military starts appearing throughout America’s Airports
    Cryptic App ‘Signal’ is the next to go down
    CNN complicit in the Capitol Raid
    Official Capitol Raid Narrative Collapses and much more
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