Dean Ryan’s Top 10 Post-Election Outcomes

by Dean Ryan 1/15/2020

In these days of subjective discourse and uncommon sense we must look into the cold divide,
even if it’s in our own backyard, and evaluate every possible angle for truth.
Trusting the compromised media in 2021 is no longer an option.
The following list was made up of popular theories that have been tossed around in a variety
of different circles as well as one’s I have drafted on my own.
Ultimately, the truth is, none of us know the precise outcome except for one man.

1. Q Anon is correct and mass arrests take place world wide

2. Trump is powerless and captured.
The Deep State is said to have stripped Trump some time ago.
Trump has been trying to provide signals that he is no longer president
and we need to prepare for a greater war.

3. “Everyone’s In On It” and what we’re witnessing is a mass extinction
Agenda to reduce the world Population down by 80% to fulfill U.N. Agenda 2030

4. Trump is assassinated which sparks a civil war that distabilizes the US
and invites China to invade & collect. 

5. Alien disclosure and Introduction to Extraterrestrials 

6. Asteroids enter our orbit and shatter multiple countries

7. A massive succession movement begins and Texas becomes the leader of the New Republic

8. Bidens takes office. States break apart- Trump becomes President of the New Republic

9. China completely takes over and a thousand years of darkness begin

10. Trump wins and nothing much changes. Same Scandals while Dems take over Congress and Senate.

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