RDM Update: The Traitors Within and Where They Are Now

by Dean Ryan 1/11/2020

Today we noticed Nancy Pelosi was not at the introduction of articles of impeachment.
The Speaker of the House who has championed the crusade to rid Trump of Office has now been deemed
absent for the opening sessions of these impeachment hearings.
Pro temp Debby Dengel was acting speaker of the house. During the “Storming of the US Capitol Building”, alleged
Military Special Forces took possession of the Speaker’s Office Laptops.

On these confiscated computers it has been stated that damning material was discovered, some of it Treason.
Evidence pertaining to a business deal between CCP (Communist Chinese Party) and GM (General Motors) had
Nancy Pelosi as the main contact brokering the deal. In this brokered deal, GM was to manufacture military grade equipment
for China and their People’s Liberation Army. That would be the classic definition of Treason.
We must beg the question, was Trump’s November 12th 2020 Executive Order a major factor
in Pelosi’s demise?

In the case of VP Mike Pence, or maybe we should say “former VP”, the State Dept. has now released a revised timeline
of Pence and his current stature. According to the State Depts. own website site they list Mike Pence’s term as ending
January 11th 2021. Within the same hour of learning of this new end date for Pence, we received word that the former VP’s
house was surrounded by the military and taken into custody. Confirmation is a form of virtuous patience. (story developing)

                    After this revelation dropped, another reveal came from the same Dept. on their website. 
In a duality of all moments, we then see the same end date of Trump’s Presidency. January 11th 2021. Immediately a retraction is made and the burden error soon laid on a “Disgruntled Employee” of the State Dept. Breaking 911 Reports:

In the fog of war, wild information continues to surpass our way here at Real Deal Media.
From the New York State Bar now attempting to “Disbar” Rudy Giuliani, an arrest warrant for Bill Gates being executed,
to the US Military now seizing full control of Facebook as a military asset due to the arrest of Mark Zuckerberg, 2021 has
barely started and has already proven to be 2020 on steroids. Brace Yourself

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  1. This is the most encouraging article I have seen all day. Thank you! Now…I hope it is true. ALSO: I do NOT have a FACEBOOK account so if you do NOT want me to see something then PLEASE post it there. BRIGHTEON works just fine, but it may take it a day or 2 to spin up.

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