U.S. Cities Attacked on Christmas Day

by Dean Ryan 12/26/20

In what is now seemingly is turning out to be a planned attack on American cities on Christmas Day,
here is what we know now- Active shooters in the following cities – Portland OR – Grapevine TX – Miami, Florida – Houston, TX
Potential Bombing in Cincinnati Stopped and Grenade Launcher found in San Berdino, CA car crash.
Following the major bomb explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, now described by Police as “Done Intentionally”

On Top of my intel regarding the truth about UK Lockdown and Trump threat
that I broadcasted on America at War LIVE just nights ago.. it is safe to say that the sleeper cells within America have been activated.

Months ago on the Real Deal Report I disclosed the actual name of the person who runs ‘Black Lives Matter’at the top, Judith/Susan Rosenberg, was the name I received from my intel.
Having shattered the BLM Plexiglass of Prestige early on, I knew it was a matter of time before their supporters would discover they were being used as pawns for a much bigger agenda. Many good hearted people, some willfully blind, are being exploited
in a Communist overthrow of America.

The 1960's Domestic Terrorists 'Weather Underground'

Black Lives Matter, the Corporate Marxists / Communist group used politically in years past is now being led by Rosenberg, a suspected Mossad asset (irony) and known radical like the 1960s ‘Weather Underground’ who bombed police stations during their attempted Communist overthrows of yesteryear, is now being whispered to be the mastermind of these Christmas Day Attacks. These unprecedented attacks on American soil come on the heels of  leaked intel of an International incident involving China’s Navy and two US Naval ships U.S.S. Mackelan Island and Sommerset, both were attacked the Chinese fleet in the South China Sea (see Real Deal Report) spurring a full return of all US Naval Fleets to return to the US in preparation of a US land Invasion by China.  Canada and their well documented relationship with China, (see 2019 FIPA Treaty ) Foreign Investment Protection Act has amassed both countries military at the US/Canadian border.

In what appears to be a build up to a land invasion by the Super Powers along with the blessings and participation of the U.N.
then we have in motion of what I have expressed night of the US Elections, an Invasion.
Democrats have domestically ran their course and are essentially shopping a War to the Internationally community.
By legitimizing the need for an “intervention” (invasion) along with their “American Spring” led by the ‘Planned Riothoods’ of 2020, has hoodwinked a vast percentage of the Global Community who view Trump as a dictator that won’t leave office.
There in lies the problem.. Public Relations Trap.
  In addition to the previous, there is a newly released 30sec recorded message from Rudy Giuliani warning of major disclosure to take place after Christmas that will incriminate Biden, Democrats and Major US Media “News” Outlets.

If this isn’t a War.. then I don’t know what is.

Stay Tuned Stay Awake 

Editor’s Note:
As these stories develop RealDealMedia.com will be the place to go for all your updates on this WWIII scenario now in full motion.
I will also be going LIVE for any Breaking News Develops on DeanRyanTV


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