Real Deal Reports News Brief: Treason is the Season and Biden has many Reasons

by Dean Ryan 12/20/2020

 ‘A Treason Trap Set-Up’ just took place with Biden and his administration of Chinese All-Stars.

This just passed my way. You may have heard the Pentagon put an abrupt end
to the Biden Administration’s ‘Military Briefings’. Well.. during this transitional period
from one presidential administration to another, intel is usually provided to the incoming staff.
The formally known as “Projected President” may soon be known as the “never was” President of the United States.

I can confirm with you now, that purposely falsified Military Intel was given to the Biden transition team in order to follow their web of deceit. Within a 32min time frame, the provided faulty intel was seen on a major CCP website.  Joe Biden the alleged “President-Elect” was just caught in a ‘Treason Trap and is now said to be in the process of being charged with treason via Attorney Sydney Powell at the helm.
Biden’s path to the WhiteHouse just took a turn on the road to the Pen House.

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