Operation Trojan Horse

by Dean Ryan 11/18/2020

Thousands of US Military Vehicles and personnel have been rolled out over the past several months in what has been described as “Operation Warpspeed”, a military operation to distribute the ‘Corona Virus Vaccine’.
Everything from Tanks, Humvees, and even Apache Helicopters have maneuvered into strategic locations near major cities. National Guardsmen, Oversees deployed Army, and even retired Federal Agents have all been called back to duty on the homeland.

As the turmoil from the Election 2020 continues to escalate, the much talked about ‘Corona Virus Vaccine’ accelerates it’s debut throughout the Commonwealth and in the shadows of American ‘riot-torn’ cities.

It was only 10 days ago I received word from two contacts, that the ‘Corona Virus Vaccine’ was to be set in motion the day after Election Night 2020. California would be mandating their COVID vaccine starting with CA State employees. Within hours of receiving this news, I received further information that Seattle, Washington would be doing the same, but in this case city shelters would be issuing their vaccine ordinance on their own occupants.
Failure to adhere with this strict new policy would be cause removal.

Entering the public arena in stealth form due to much International backlash, the ‘COVID Vaccine’ is technically still in it’s “trial phase”, therefore to conduct a test trial, one must have subjects. The subjects are the vulnerable and those closest to the Government itself. After all, any mishap, deadly injury or otherwise could be used to help empower the
Corona Virus narrative and it’s sinking credibility.

On May 15th, 2020 President Donald Trump announced the beginning of ‘Operation Warpspeed’, a military operation who’s mission is to delivering to US cities the necessary means to combat the dreaded ‘COVID-19’ via vaccine, HCQ and plasma.

I would make the case and ask ‘Are Apache Helicopters really necessary to implement Vaccines?” or “Are Vaccines the cover, like the protests were to facilitate an insurrection?” Historically this has been tried before, previously on the Real Deal Report, I refer to it as ‘Operation Trojan Horse’. 

Trojan Horse in the sense of using another diversion of distraction while achieving your objectives, in this case through the fog of the “COVID-19 Vaccine”. We have already seen this tried and tested by the DNC with it’s push for “Social Justice” on the back of what appeared to be a ‘false flag’ event in the George Floyd murder. 

Make no mistake, none of our eggs should be on one basket as this evolving world is ever-so changing and so are it’s players. 

  1. Dean, General Perna who runs Operation warp speed is insane! I have watched pressers with him and Trump and him alone, this is going down! I have read hundreds of documents about the massive size and scale of this and it boggles the mind how huge and precise it is! Perna said today we are ready to roll out wirh the vaccines within 24 hours and we will, thru the emergency order, vaccinate every person in USA in 24 hours! Trump is the anti Christ and has betrayed us all!! This vaccine will kill most people and sterilize the ones that live, therefore achieving bill gates wet dream of depopulation! If it’s not real man then why the hell is Trump and military working wirh bill gates moderna company??!! WAKE UP man and tell your audience the truth, we must have complete civil disobedience by every American citizen and we the people must fight back and take our country back from traitors like teump who sold us out, they are all luciferians man, you must comprehend this Dean! Trojan horse is NOT the op here, this is the big now depopulation virus and vaccine, millions will be dying very very soon! God help us all!!

  2. Great insight – and questions to ponder… We can hope for the best, while being aware of the worst as we watch this unfold.

  3. The vaccine is not what you think,the military is for us not against us,I believe the “virus” are the traitors,the military is their vaccine

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