Not Confused, But Telling Us

by Michelle Nobles

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has been ever increasingly looking as if there are memory issues. Or are there? He has repeatedly stated things that were incorrect, from stating the wrong state he was in, to calling the President Abe Lincoln. But is it really the beginning stages of dementia or something else altogether?

This war we have been fighting is just as much a spiritual battle, as it is a political one. The Deep State is in a state of desperation, as they begin to realize their time is almost up. More and more, information comes to light regarding nefarious acts that have been committed against humanity.

This war has been about saving the children. Ending sex trafficking, child sex slavery; abduction, torture, breeding programs and the making of Adrenochrome.

To ensure this corruption continues, the Deep State has had to have numerous fail safes in place for their plans to succeed. For these plans and programs to be so successful, this weighed heavily on the use of blackmail, bribery and yes voter fraud.

In a recent Huffington Post article, the former Vice president calls President Trump Abraham Lincoln. Was it an accident? Signs of dementia?


Possibly not. An article surfaced telling of early voter fraud which nearly cost Abraham Lincoln his win.

He also stated:

As more details come forward, it seems ever increasingly clear that the Democratic Party has committed some very serious voter fraud. In the coming weeks, much will come to light.

It seems that President Trump was able to set in motion a massive sting operation, that would be able to on fact tell real ballots from fraudulent ones.

As this drama unfolds in the courts; as Joe Biden has been named the President elect, Americans and the world will be able to witness one of the most corrupt elections in the history of the United States be brought to light.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned about us being in a Spiritual battle. The dark Cabal is required to show what they are planning. It is up to us weather we notice and pay attention as well as figure out their plans.

It will take time. This election has been responsible for the mass awakening of not only the United States but the world. People are waking up to the lies, the corruption, violence and greed. They are waking up to the Tyranny that has been allowed to go unchecked for thousands of years.

We the people are ready for justice.

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