Election 2020 Rapidly Heats Up

Real Deal Media has covered the plandemic since its conception. Leading up to this moment, everything has been planned and carefully executed.

Downtown Washington D.C., a normally vibrant and lively city is now a ghost town. Stores being boarded up, in preparation of the up and coming violence. Large fences and barricades are being brought in to protect the Whitehouse. Protests, violence.. it is their M.O.

Early voting has been canceled! The polls were open during the weekend, but today early voting has been canceled in a further attempt to make the voting centers clogged and congested. Making it a ripe situation for violence to occur and as well as discouraging voters from going to the polls.

Be sure to watch Part II of Real Deal Media’s continuing coverage tonight. 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central and 10pm eastern.

View Part One Below:

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