The Trump-Mobile ‘Accident’ Aftermath

by Blake Walley

The rumors and reports have been confirmed. The curious character known as Vincent Fusca was recently involved in a serious traffic crash last week. Thankfully he survived, and seemed surprisingly unscathed and unfazed besides. However, his customized ‘Trump-Mobile’ looked like it had been ambushed in broad daylight, and left to die on the street.

Details have been a bit scarce, but could this ‘accident’ have been an actual assassination attempt on this mysterious man’s life instead? Because one of the most exciting rumors on the Internet this year has been the potentiality that ‘Vincent Fusca’ is actually JFK Jr. in disguise! And if that incredible revelation turns out to be true, then that would also make him the survivor of another alleged assassination attempt when he originally ‘died’ in a tragic and unusual plane disappearance back in 1999.

Our own Real Deal Media’s Mike Bara addressed these rumors last July, and makes a compelling case to show that JFK Jr. and Vincent Fusca might be the same guy!

‘Vincent Fusca’ has set up a GoFund Me page here if you would like to help him restore his beloved ‘Trump-Mobile’ back to glory. Cool story!

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