Shocktober Surprise!

by Dean Ryan

On the recent ‘Shocktober Surprise’ regarding the CVD announcement, it seems Trump beat Joe Biden to the CVD punch. It was inevitable that a departure from the DNC ticket was in motion. All signs were pointing that way anyway. 

Upon the decry from Michelle Obama for the ‘Debate Commission’ to control the microphones and their immediate obedience to comply; it seemed the fix was in… again. In addition to Michelle’s timely rise to the center stage with sudden calls for ‘Censorship’ (Microphone Control), the stage could have been set for an ‘Operation Martyr’ of sorts. This would include Joe Biden dropping out of the race with the usage of the CVD card. Coincidentally standing in the wings would be the former First Lady herself after some specific and shocking event (see this video for a full explanation on this type of scenario)

Knowing that the DNC owns the Casino in this case, consider the following: 

  • 1. The next debate moderator was a former Biden intern 
  • 2. “Mic Control” – Censorship had been enacted 
  • 3. Thousands of violent inmates have been released nationwide, nesting at hotels in every ‘Blue’ city near you waiting for the command to destabilize. 
  • 4. Smart Lens used by Biden in the 1st Debate were to be used again with the same refusal to allow an ear/attire check 
  • 5. The Presence of CCP and their PLA forces at the Mexican & Canadian borders along with suspected DEW attacks on the American West – are increasing by the day. 

Is it out of the ordinary to think that Trump has beaten Joe to the punch and again flipped the ‘Global Reset’ script? Part of the intel I have received in recent days, was that the Feds were all in place to intercept any and all acts of War about to take place on American streets. The other side of the intel claimed that they were also ready to pull a pre-emptive strike if necessary. 

If you were Donald Trump, would you risk allowing the Deep State to use the full power of their Media Bully Pulpit for another fraudulent debate with “Mic Controls” at the hands of a former Joe Biden Intern?

Add a COVID-19 ‘Power Play’ by a “thespian dementia-ridden, hair-sniffing place-holder” and a “somewhat relevant yet powerful influencer” (Michelle Obama), and you’ll have yourself an insurrection waiting to ignite. If you expand your comfort zone and further indulge your ‘Geo-Political’ wits, you’ll wake up to the smell of fentanyl from the Chinese Military casing our borders.

We’re in World War III.. We know the players.. We exposed the enemy
and now We prepare for battle.

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