Never Mind the Election, Here’s the Riots!

The Riot Upticks goes viral and a Civilian Force is formed to take down Sheriffs. Biden Preparing to drop out of Race as the Media formulates the narrative of a Stolen Election…

  1. I thought I’d watch this. I do apologize for the profanity, in that I was wrong. Now, I did ponder for a few seconds about that comma but I went with it it. Oops. My bad.

    Now, Mike Bara, please explain how something that has never even been born yet can be murdered.

  2. Continuing, here is the way I see it about abortion:

    A woman getting an abortion is merely that woman exercising her right to do whatever she wants to with her own physical body which is her most intimate personal property and without property rights there are NO rights.

    Please tell me what is wrong with this statement. No one ever does.

    Also, a woman’s right to abort is protected by the Ninth Amendment. This is the one that nobody ever cites, likely because they can’t define what a right is; all they can do is read from a list.

    A good thought exercise is to construct an argument to defend one’s self from prosecution after being accused of violating someone’s Ninth Amendment rights. How would you prove this in court? How would you prove that you have NOT violated anyone’s rights?

    Is the answer…BLANKOUT?

    Have a nice day. Myself, I got an @$$ chewing from you guys for breakfast.

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