There We Were, Now Here We Are…

I often wonder; “where has the time gone?” And “how did I get here?”  Whether I’m at a ‘high’ or a ‘low,’ it’s always been temporary. Every beginning has broken its promise, and every ending has come without notice. No matter your destination, many roads can take you there if you are willing to travel. 

I traveled to California earlier this year full of excitement, aspirations and a lavish itinerary.  In the midst of filming a new documentary film in Florida, I left the sunshine state to continue filming in Acapulco, Mexico. While en route however, I had made plans to re-kindle a relationship from my past with someone special to me.

Our 15 years of ‘Love & War’ had worn off its immaturity, and tranquility seemed near. Both of us had planned to reunite at a local pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day together. What we didn’t know then, was that something had been “planned” for us already, and was about to change our lives forever. 

On the day of March 17th 2020, the ‘Plandemic’ had reached our shores. The entire state of California began a lockdown only seen in Science Fiction films or a Rod Sterling Showcasing. Borders began closing, restaurants refused entry, and families started sheltering. Except I was still living in Dallas at the time, and Texas was closing their state border.

Suddenly I was stranded, away from home and without any family. Since I hadn’t planned for a spontaneous “Doomsday Scenario”, I felt hopeless, bewildered and trapped. All the efforts that I had put into my film were scrapped, and that promising reunion with the girl from my past were looking doubtful at best.

In the months to follow up to this present moment, I have a story to tell and a chip on my shoulder. The attitude problem I’ve been told I have with authority needed to be flexed.
And given the restrictions and the new “Rules & Regulations,” I knew something needed to be done to help partake in this new ‘Awakening’. 

Aside from my love of history, and extreme curiosity of; “how this is all going to end?”
I’ve had no significant reason to live a life of caution or responsibility. After all, it’s just me on this earth. Having done the show; the ‘Real Deal Report’, I’ve discovered a whole world of people who have helped keep me company. In my darkest moments right through my greatest achievements, I discovered a new realm of responsibility. One that didn’t entail any mandates or curfews, only the simple courtesy of telling the truth. 

This discovery was you, the audience. My new friends. My new Family. When I was scared and living alone in Los Angeles. In the midst of random pipe bombs, Chinese drones, and signs of underground warfare. You were there. When I was feeling like an artist and needed others to laugh with, you laughed with me. And when I needed support to relocate our media operation recently, it was again you the audience that were there. 

We may not know each other’s past, unique quirks, or have future plans to vacation together; but we are sharing this 2020 experience together. Words barely express the gratitude I have inside when it comes to the people who have helped ‘Real Deal Media’ become what it now is today. It’s my hope that my actions and efforts have given you a perspective not found elsewhere, and a laugh in a time of sorrow. 

Tomorrow is never promised, but today I have so many new reasons to live. 
For that, I wanted to say Thank You.

Dean Ryan

  1. Nice, poetic. After reading this, I see similarities to my life, which always ends up with me in failure. I am tempted to write a synopsis of it here. However, while I might share some details of it with a friend, which I have not had in so long, I think not to share it on the internet.

    As my old age sets in strongly, America, whatever America was originally conceived to be, never was in my lifetime. I saw this coming over 45 years ago. It is here now, America the enslaved, and it is here to stay. I no longer want anything to do with America, America the lie, America the corpse. For that matter, I want nothing else to do with this species or this planet.

    I will die naturally soon enough so there’s no need to rush death. Instead, curiosity has the best of me and I just want to see how things turn out, to see if I was right all along. Other than that I have no hope left, and I am ready for the end.

  2. Well written and moving piece that gives a telling glimpse into the world according to Dean Ryan – thoroughly enjoy your writing.

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