Real Deal Resolution?

Real Deal Reports (25 August 2020) with Blake Walley in Austin. Dean & Mike are at odds with Jim regarding ShadowGate and Millie Weaver, as we explain during the show. Trump is off to a spectacular state with the RNC Convention, which is head and shoulders above the DNC. The GOP has a great shot at a substantial part of the Black vote and blue states like Minnesota are tending to turn red in the wake of the rioting and looting and denigration of police that has been condoned by Democrat Mayors and Governors, A landslide for Donald Trump may be on the horizon.

  1. I’m a little shocked, but not really. Jim obviously had a “difference of opinion” about Ms. Weaver. Both you Mike and Dean said what I believe is the truth, many others confirm she’s bad news. I’m really bummed I like Jim, I’m sure you all are as well…

  2. What y’all are explaining sounds a lot like Dementia or Alzheimer’s. I was my mom’s caregiver for the last year of her life. She had bouts of uncontrollable rage… for little to no reason or an imagined reason. And that is what you both described. Maybe he needs to get an MRI? That will let him know right away so he can take meds or whatever to tone it down. Or maybe he’s just a dick & has always been this way? Judgement call. LOL.

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