The Silent War and How We Were All Played by the Media:

by Michelle Nobles

As the Democratic Convention has shown everyone, there seems to be a common thread emerging. Vote for Democrats or this torture is going to get a lot worse. But maybe you can make it go away by voting for us?

There have been rumors since the beginning of the riots that they have been playing the American public, perhaps the whole world as well. When I was in Idaho, a friend of mine from Seattle tried to tell me about everything happening with CHAZ. Except their account wasn’t at all like how the media had been portraying it.

We see video after video of violence in the streets of major Democratic cities. Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, and my home in Seattle for starters. As bad as things may appear to be on screen, I have yet to witness any violence whatsoever. Only small gatherings of protesters that caused a disruption in my commute one Saturday afternoon. There are plenty of marches going on near the area, but what most disturbs me is how happy they seem to be about complying with mask requirements and social distancing. They seem too eager to embrace these overreaching rules as the ‘new normal’ way of life.

People here are still walking around in fear of the virus. I have been personally berated for not wearing a mask like the rest of the herd. I have been asked to leave stores, passed by the bus and escorted off the metro rail.

As I sit and wonder, various rumors began to pop up in regards to the actual nature of these endless demonstrations. Observing police and protesters milling about, drinking coffee until it was time to roll the camera. That looting footage was staged and in one instance a photographer was caught giving direction to the looters.

It begged me to ask the question. How much of this violence is real? How much of these protests are real? We have come to learn that Antifa has been exposed being funded by George Soros and friends. We know that they have been supplied weapons along with BLM. We know that amidst certain protests, pallets of bricks were left at the side of the street or on street corners for easy access.

Once one begins to pick apart the process, it is clear to see that this has been a very methodical and seemingly staged scenario. Starting with George Floyd and moving forward, this seems to be the case as they infiltrate real movements and have been able to control the narrative.

The media has the main responsibility of perpetuating this fraud upon the people. They are the primary source of setting this agenda. And making sure that these stories are carried out to the fullest extent.

Living in Seattle has given me the unique chance of listening to those who honestly believe in their stance. Sometimes it feels like I’m living in two different realities. Watch the Democratic party closely. Notice how they almost all but threaten the American people.

It is not to say that fires, violence, death and destruction does not happen, because it does. But what is important to keep in mind, is the possibility that this entire agenda has been a tightly controlled narrative from the very beginning.

Michelle Nobles

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