DNC Breakdown: No Bounce For Biden

Real Deal Reports (24 August 2020) with Mike Bara in Seattle. The DNC Convention did not give Biden a bounce, suggesting he’s on the same trajectory as John Kerry and George McGovern in years past. The selection of Kamala Harris, likewise, did not make a difference, with 1/3 less likely to support the ticket and 1/3 more. The failure to come to grips with urban violence will haunt the party this week, as the GOP (under Trump) goes all out to draw the contrasts that look as though they are going to lead to a landslide victory for The Donald.
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  1. Keep staying ahead of the curve! I now go to realdealmedia.com because don’t see you on YT anymore.

    Hey, Mike, you’ll enjoy this. I went to Costco today for some medicine. I walked in poast the checker at entrance with no remark on not wearing a mask, then passed a Costco tent where I was told I had toweAR A mask. I said, I can’t wear a mask, I have COPD, and WILL PASS OUT IN YOUR STORE if I wear one …. they said Oh!, and in I went. I was only the one in there without a mask. PLEASE folks counter a lie with a lie, if you have to.

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