Money Monopoly and the Race Against Time:

by Michelle Nobles:

Remember the great Space Race back in the 1950’s? Spoiler alert: the Soviets shocked the world when they became the first country to successfully launch the first satellite into space. The U.S.S.R. bested the United States. The Communists had conquered the Capitalists. It was a humbling setback for the Americans, but they ultimately won the Cold War in the end. That was history however. Now it’s 2020, and there is another competition of super-powers taking place. The Capitalist U.S. vs. the Communist Chinese for control over world currency.

I have been watching the 2nd stimulus updates closely and saying for the past couple of months that there is a reason that the $2,000 dollar bill keeps being brought up. However, what I did not see coming was the Fed ultimately getting involved with digital currency. The president of the Minnesota Federal Reserve, Neel Kashkari has recently proposed a need for everyone to endure a total lockdown for 6 weeks in order the get a handle on the virus. The ‘good news’ in this scenario is that everyone would receive a recurring $2,000 dollar stimulus payment digitally.

However, I have been saying that this back-and-forth is a type of technical trickery. A game where they are the cat, and we are the mice. China has been in a testing phase of the crypto dollar, or digital dollar in 4 cities already. McDonald’s and Subway have already agreed to be a part of the test.

Why is this important? Because at the beginning of the ‘Plandemic’ on March 23rd, there was a ‘leaked’ article which stated that the White House was looking at digital currency to handle the stimulus payments. On the 24th however, the article was gone and there was no mention of it again until recently.

Do you know what happens when the United States sanctions a country? One of the drawbacks is that they no longer can use the US dollar for trade. This puts a huge strain on that government, as it no longer can trade with other countries. Because the US dollar IS the world dollar. This is why it has also become a race against time.

With the mounting silent war, it now appears that we are going to see another high-stakes chase to control the world dollar. Will it be Communist China? Or the Capitalist United States? Nowadays in the 21st century, it could also be viewed as Globalism vs. Nationalism.

What better way to test this new currency than in the form of digital stimulus checks? Multiple components could be fully tested in a large capacity with the chance to work out any kinks that could be found while rolling out this innovative new system.

The United States will not stand by and let China take the lead in digital currency because of the very real threat of Economic Domination by an authoritarian Super-Power. One of the major reasons the United States won the Cold War with Russia was because the Soviets simply ran out of money. The world’s first space satellite was an impressive achievement, but command of the world currency was infinitely more important. The kind of power that could threaten the future of humanity under the wrong regime. Imagine if the Soviet Union’s ‘Ruble’ (Russian dollar) would have become the world’s reserve currency instead?

If the U.S. Petrodollar ever disappeared, it would only be a matter of time before the crash and demise of the universally recognized greenbacks. With the Covid threat, this makes it a lot easier to roll out this new system under the guise of safety from not having people touching and exchanging physical paper.

Any prolonged shutdown would undoubtedly have far-reaching catastrophic consequences to middle class America. We have already begun to see the nightmare situation evolve in New Zealand with a stage 4 shutdown in full swing.

A lockdown could very well be coming, and the time frame could be as little as six weeks away (October 2020). My own feeling is that we will not be coming out of this quarantine. Keeping a close eye on the Fed is going to be crucial in the coming weeks. Since our Congressmen have left for August Recess, we have no choice but to wait and see.

However, this would be a huge victory for the Globalists of the ‘New World Order.’ I have been warning everyone I can on social media about this possibility since the beginning of this ‘Plandemic.’ It is a step-by-step process, and we are in for a very bumpy ride. Ultimately, this dam could burst and cause devastation to our country and the majority of the people living in it.

Things will probably get worse before they get better, and it is crucial for everyone to have a plan in place. That includes plenty of food supplies for at least six weeks. Keep your eyes on the Federal Reserve. Their policies will be key to this economic equation.

Michelle Nobles
$Mynob01 (Cashapp)

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