Biden Blunders & Planned Pandemic

Real Deal Reports (13 August 2020) with Mike Bara in Seattle and Blake Walley in Austin. Minuscule turn out for Biden announcement reveals why they want to keep the lockdown in place: the contrast between huge, enthusiastic crowds for Trump and paltry turnouts for Biden would be too damaging. More proof the “pandemic” was planned by the UN and WHO (masterminded by Bill Gates, George Soros and Anthony Fauci, no doubt), where 194 countries signed on for a “training and simulation exercise” that went LIVE! Should any of us be surprised? And anticipate that Biden will be replaced by Michelle at the DNC convention to cover the Democrats attempt to steal the election using mail-in ballots and Google voter turnout manipulation.

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  1. And today, Joe Biden said that he is the one that created the deal between Israel and the UAE. And I agree that President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for having brokered this deal. I enjoy your shows… Thanks

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