This is an Evolution, NOT a Revolution!

by Dean Ryan

We’re on the verge of a monumental conclusion to this entire Plandemic TV movie of the week. Unfortunately it took something this catastrophic to wake Up Humanity.

I’ve only begun to realize just how entrenched the corruption is, within every Fabric of society, every protected class and just about 100% of every known institution we were born into.

As much as the mask wearing TV looting social distancing corporate sucking peaceful protestors try to convince us they’re igniting a Revolution, I would make the vigorous argument that the only thing igniting is an Evolution.

The Evolution is one of the heart, mind, body and spirit. Us as people; introverts, extroverts and everything in between are finally forced to face the gratuitous elephant in the room. We’re inclined to watch the watchers and investigate the investigators.

The last days of an old world order are heading towards retirement.
Free people are shedding the relevance of the centralized system of control. A system that has brain washed us from cradle to grave. Many generations have broken their backs paying into a broken system and lived their lives according to a Soviet Style of Order.

False Idols (celebrities), Inverted values (Anti-Family), low vibrational language (prison culture) and weaponized corporate music (Rap / Metal / Pop).
All agendas. All despised by the awakened.

Many people say Life Will Never Be Same.

I say that’s a good thing, because very soon we will realize that we’re no longer running from something, but rather to something. That something is the Great Awakening.

  1. Excellent summary Dean and the team. I am not sure how many are waking up. In north Texas every person in the grocery store was masked except me. At least in North Texas I have had no Karen or Ken attacks! Sorry to hear about Austin, a Dem hangout for sure.

  2. The more the Vile Deepstaters cause misery, the more will take The Red Pill. We far outnumber The Creeps. Organize, mobilize, arm yourselves. We’re in a street Civil War and the Haters want to kill us. Be ready. Trump can’t do it alone nor be everywhere these Oozing 🤮Pustule 🤮Deepstaters irrupt.

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