Operation Martyr: The Plot to Save a Legacy

by Dean Ryan:

While Big Tech has accelerates their censorship, 2020 has really set the record, past Soviet Level Censorship. In fact, if Stalin was alive he’d say, “That’s a little excessive.. Don’t you think?” The social media crack down can no longer be blamed on this “Feardemic” and it’s cohort, COVID-1984.

We can now debut to the New Phenomenon sweeping the world that’s deleting YouTube channels ‘OBAMAGATE’. The CIA creation and smooth character known as “Obama”, can be attributed to the mastermind himself, former CIA head John Brennan. When Dr. Frankenstein had created his monster, one could detect a danger at first glance. The particular creature in question now, became the 44th US President while becoming the American Media Sweetheart. A star was born.. and a nightmare was just beginning.

The Obama character transformed a country with a Globalist agenda and became an icon before his 1st day on the job. Add the Marxist wing of the CIA and their Director John Brennan to the fold, the term “by any means necessary” takes on a whole different meaning. Titled ‘Operation Hammer,’ it was the ultimate blackmail practice ever performed at the executive level (that we know of). Obama and his creator Brennan, had the keys to the entire DC Beltway, Major Media and unsuspecting Foreign Leaders. Not even the Supreme Court Justice Roberts was unscathed from these Sci-Fi Marxists. “Do What Thou Wilt” and they did.

Recently, the term “Obamagate” has been the #1 trending term world wide. The “Scandal-Free” former President has now revealed as the mastermind behind the illegal spying on an American, Gen. Michael Flynn and all signs now point to the ‘Russiagate’ Investigation as well. Was Obama really the mastermind? Could a man who epically struggled throughout his presidency without a teleprompter concoct such a diabolical plot? More than a bad actor, Obama was and still is the fall guy.

The true mastermind behind ‘Russiagate’ is the same man behind the shadows of ‘Obamagate,’ former CIA Dir. John Brennan. In the conspiratorial tradition of watching an ill faded star’s career decline, only then to see their untimely death spur a wave of nostalgia; we may be witnessing the last chapter of an icon and that person is ‘Barack Obama.’

Whether it be Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, with the nature of their death aside, all singers had one thing in common… They all worth more dead than alive. The persons who created and invested into the brand ‘Obama’, now face the same dilemma managers and record companies of yesteryear did with their fading artist. Wait for the artist to overcome the downturn? Or officially end the artist now to protect their legacy into martyrdom? My internal instinct is telling me, John Brennan will pick the latter and embark on what I am coining ‘Operation Martyr.’

Strategic in nature and stealth in action, Brennan along with the shadow industry built around his creation, Obama, will sacrifice their own to not only exonerate themselves from their involvement high crimes, but to preserve the legacy of America’s first Black president. However, in these type of ‘Security State’ events, there are usually multiple benefits to a crisis, or in this case an “assassination.”

As in the murder of JFK, who was geographically despised throughout southern regions of the U.S. prior to his death, his passing pulled the heart strings of Americans and forever sealed his legacy as a martyr. The Kennedy’s were admired and showered with sympathy from that day onward. Jacquie Kennedy became ‘America’s Widow.’

In closing, I will present two consequences that will further divide America and polarize the world amongst party ideologies. The timely planning of this ‘Operation Martyr’ scenario will do more than regain control of the ‘Deep State’ narrative:

1. (The Benefit) It will bolster the support of an expected Michelle Obama Presidential bid in a “October Surprise” roll out. Admiration and sympathy would be exploited to achieve electoral votes. ex. “How could you not support a grieving widow who’s honoring her slain husband’s legacy by running for President?”

2. (The Fallout) This twisted Brennan plot to escape prosecution and bolster a presidential candidate.. It will efficiently be blamed, not on Brennan himself, but conveniently a Trump supporting 2nd Amendment loving militia type assassin. Many who’ve never identified with, nor socialized with a Trump supporter will be more than ready to violently demonize and seek revenge on anything not anointed “Liberal” or incite hatred towards anyone not condemning the “lone assassin.” We should recognize that the very people who have systematically tried to enslave us are now left with a desperate last option; assassinate the very character who sold us out, manipulate our emotions, and sell us another ‘Obama’ character. This time around we are more prepared than ever.

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