Beirut Bombing: The Investigation Begins

Dean Ryan:

As Rampant speculation soars throughout the Internet, the ‘Real Deal’ team has assembled a list of solid leads as we build our own investigation:

  1. The Explosion in Beirut was caused by Chinese explosives supplied to Lebanon and stored in a deep underground bunker. Not in a regular warehouse.
  2. There were 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate stationed at the port in Beirut. That’s the same explosive that was used in Oklahoma City in 1995 when a Federal building was attacked killing 168 people.
  3. This ‘Dirty Bomb’ may have been a message to President Trump about what could be coming to cities in the United States.
  4. The Central Bank of Lebanon was a Deep State treasure trove of Intel. In that case, it’s possible that this kind of information needed to be ‘disposed of.’
  5. Bad batch of Fireworks from Tijuana?
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