Project BioShield Act? What You Need to Know:

Dean Ryan:

‘Project BioShield Act’ was passed by congress in 2004, calling for $5 Billion dollars worth of taxpayer money to purchase vaccines that could be used in the event of a bio-terrorist attack on the United States.

The main objective of the Act was to allow stockpiling and distribution of vaccines. A key provision required all vaccines to be used only if the person was exposed to chemical, biological or radioactive threat.

That begs the question; “have we been exposed?” Or are we about to be be exposed to some kind of potential threat?

In a sincere closing, President Donald Trump announced on May 15th that the military will “assist” in a vaccine rollout. Does that mean that Americans will be partaking in the very program that congress has already paid for? Is this ‘Project BioShield? Or is this Project ‘Trojan Horse?’

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