RDP: Magic Masks & Math Mysteries

Real Deal Reports (20 July 2020) with Mike Bara in Seattle and Blake Walley in Austin. Dean Ryan en route to speak in Orange County attacked by a mask-wearing woman at John Wayne Airport. The CDC has been fudging CV numbers and exaggerating the deaths, which is also occurring in the UK. Gregg Jarrett confirms Trump did the right thing by commuting Roger Stone’s sentence. And new polls show that Trump is surging while Democrats struggle with funding. While they may want Michelle to be the savior of their party, she may turn out to be its greatest embarrassment.

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RDP: They Brought Us Communism & Trump Will Bring Them War!

Real Deal Reports (22 July 2020) with Dean Ryan in Austin and Mike Bara in Seattle. Dean returns from a successful outing in Orange County, where the Governor of California is releasing criminals, which combined with abolishing the police amounts to a recipe for chaos and catastrophe. Melbourne looks like the Beta test for the US, where more Americans are now disapproving than approving of BLM, which represents a return to normalcy and sanity. Lots of censorship and attempts to silence conservative voices and political commentary. Trump may be offering qualified support for masks so his supporters are not turned away at the polls and prevented from voting in November.