Bonhomme on Fire!

Dean Ryan:

USS Bonhomme Richard is on Fire near Naval Base in San Diego. Eleven ship personnel were injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Mainstream Media is reporting that the fire was potentially started by a welding accident. However, foul play has not been ruled out as the investigation is ongoing.

This event happens on the heels of ‘Operation Legend,’ an Insurrection action by the Trump Administration that pairs Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement together in order to take U.S. Cities back from the Domestic and Foreign terrorists attempting to occupy them. Suddenly Naval War Ship Bonhomme Richard suffers a suspicious explosion. Coincidence?

original version:

  1. kinda enjoyed the post you wrote . it just isnt that easy to discover even remotely good posts toactually read (you know.. READ! and not simply browsing through it like some uniterested and flesh eating zombie before going to yet another post to just ignore), so cheers man for not wasting my time! 😉

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