Missing Children and America’s Day of Reckoning

Dean Ryan:

If the ‘Underground War’ was the precursor for disclosure on the missing children, and the sudden ‘rumored’ cancellations of ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ and ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ is of any indication of what is about to drop; then hold on loosely… but don’t let go!

Since the inception of the Trump Presidency, we have heard the swirling whispers of an entire round up of ‘Deep State Child Traffickers.’

In April, ‘The Real Deal Report’ covered the Underground Warfare in detail. In addition to Federal Executions getting revamped, we made contact with a member of the Pentagon’s ‘Pedophile Task Force.’

This ex-mercenary shed light on the egregious nature foreign diplomats keep children in cages inside embassies and the immunity that prevents any action from being taken.

America’s Day of Reckoning is upon us. Disclosure is inevitable, but ‘when’ is our greatest mystery.

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