The Trump Trap:

Dean Ryan:

First came the virus, next came the food shortage, and now comes World War 3 disguised as a Civil Rights protest Nationwide. As these ‘Planned RiotHoods’ continue, they are being coordinated under the guise of ‘peaceful protests’ only to manipulate the world into thinking that two co-workers of 17 years happened to have met up one day in Minneapolis as a cop and a counterfeiter. The rest is history.

After a Bombshell Revelation on the ‘Real Deal Report’ claiming Antifa (the protected class) had been receiving the fully automatic weapons and 1.5 billion rounds of hollow point bullets to then lure Trump and the Military into the cities for a combat entrapment.

Protestors would then be used as human shields, scape goats and eventually ‘cannon-fodder’ in an armed conflict. Following the deaths (staged or not), Democrat leaders would blame ‘Trump’s Military’ for killing his own people and would make a soon to be followed plea to the United Nations Security Council for help.

Then UN and Chinese troops would invade the United States to help ‘free’ the American people from an ‘Evil Dictator’ who was ‘Committing Genocide’ against his own people. Where have we seen this before?

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