Law Firm of Sandy Hook Families Targeting Top Conservatives!

Real Deal Report can confirm a twisted plot that has unfolded within recent days and its deep state strategy rollout. We were informed by a highly confidential source that the Law Firm representing the Sandy Hook Families have now prepared to start representing the families of COVID-19 Victims.

In doing so, the CT Law Firm has contacted prominent News Media Personalities and offered them financial incentives and favorable ‘Wikipedia’ Bios if they publicly attack major names in Conservative News. One name mentioned “Sean Hannity.”

Within hours of our Real Deal source revealing this ‘Deep State’ plot, we now see the actual roll out taking place. New York Times writes a hit piece on Fox News host Sean Hannity and the full banning of further appearances by Diamond & Silk on the Fox News channel.

Needless to say, our highly trusted source turned down the nefarious Law Firm’s offer and worries of the upcoming onslaught of attacks coming to dissenting voices of the COVID-19 narrative.

The multiple dozens of families that could be financially persuaded to sign on on with to this diabolical “Deep State” PLOT would be staggering.

The Connecticut Law Firm is is the midst of constructing one of the Biggest Class Action Lawsuits the US has ever seen, while simultaneously sparking a Major Conservative Media takedown of all dissenting voices of the COVID-19 narrative.

This 2020 Election Season will prove to be one of the most dangerous times in modern history. Not just for America… but the entire world.

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