Real Deal Report Remembers the Kennedys

The Cover Art for the JFK Jr. Files episode was inspired by American Icons driving the country into positive and prosperous directions. Unfortunately, that also made them a threat to powerful dark forces in play, and many great souls lost their lives early. Especially under unusual and mysterious circumstances.

Starting in Camelot with the Kennedys to the ‘Grunge’ and ‘Nu-Metal’ singers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Artistry never had such richness and integrity, which makes this work of art a Real Deal; “Portrait of Legacy.” May the place they reside give them heavenly peace.

Discovering ‘who’ took part in the takedown of the Kennedy family is additional pain into a wound that never healed. Closure seems nearly impossible and folkloric.

There is hope on the horizon however as the FBI recently stunned the Nation by releasing the secret files kept on JFK Jr. Many people, including myself and the ‘Real Deal Team’ have been on the edge of our seats ever since. Not only has the nature of the circumstances been shocking, but the impeccable timing of the release has rendered us nearly speechless.

Perhaps we can finally have a fresh look at an extraordinary family historically treasured by the American public. However, we still have to overcome the fear and danger from the dreaded and deceptive ‘Deep State’ we’ve all been warned about.

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