The Podesta Family Reunion

Pictured on the left side is Laurence Rockefeller. On the top right is his alleged son, former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. Bottom right is John’s alleged son, ‘Linkin Park’ frontman Chester Bennington.

Rockefeller and Podesta were known for being notorious Satanic pedophiles who raped and tortured children. Chester Bennington was the vocalist for a famous rock band. He often sang to his own lyrics which dealt with the pain and horror of being sexually abused throughout his adolesence.

While co-producing a film about child sex abuse with his friend and former singer Chris Cornell of ‘Soundgarden,’ Chris discovered something shocking regarding a child-trafficking ring tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Shortly after, Chris and Chester were both found dead. On separate occasions 4 weeks apart. Both were discovered with belts tied around their necks and ruled as suicides.

Original article below:

by Dean Ryan
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