Underground Tunnels from Long Beach Harbor

Recently we reported the secret tunnels stretching from Long Beach Harbor into the Getty Museum. Circling the Harbor has been what one eyewitness has described as a ‘heavy’ military presence.

Latest Updates:

9:05pm – Hovercraft noise begins again in Long Beach Harbor with military choppers seen overhead. Apparently this place is a stronghold for the Deep State. Two more black helicopters arrive and flew west towards the Harbor. No wonder the USNS ‘Mercy’ is still in port when the ‘Comfort’ has already left.

Police and the Beach Marines have doubled up patrol here and are closely monitoring the bike paths and parking lots to keep people away. The mayor said it was because of the hotter weather that the public was showing up. Enforcement was then ramped up and now no one is at the beach.

9:50pm – The white, slim-line tracking plane just flew above my house. It went toward Seal Beach but is looping back again. Definitely not a regular flight path at all.

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