The Doctor Who Betrayed a Nation and the World

On January 28th, 2020 The Dept. of Justice announced the arrest of Dr. Charles Lieber, Chair of the Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology at Harvard University. Also arrested were Dr. Liber’s two ‘student assistants.’ Chinese Nationals, one of which is a Lieutenant in the Chinese Army. The other was caught at Logan Airport smuggling 21 vials of ‘Sensitive Biological Samples’ according to the FBI. The research lab Dr. Lieber helped facilitate is located at Wuhan University of Technology in China.

Zaosong Zheng, another Chinese National has also been charged with smuggling of a biological substance from the US back to China. Also for giving false testimony to investigators.

According to the DOJ, Dr. Lieber was receiving $50k per month on a 3 year contract and awarded him $1.5M to establish a research lab at W.U.T. Lieber is being charged for making false statements to Federal Investigators claiming he had no involvement with W.U.T.

Yanqing Ye, Ltn. of the Chinese PLA is charged for making false student claims to the Feds while also admitting she was a member of the CCP (Communist Chinese Party).

Currently, Dr. Charles Lieber is being charged for Conspiracy to commit crime and Espionage for acting as an agent to a foreign government. The Harvard Doctor faces over 10 years in Federal prison if found guilty.

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